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Propaganda Game of Thrones party! 12-04-2019 -  (Propaganda GOT.jpg)

Friday 12 April

Propaganda Game of Thrones party!

House Propaganda, first of our name, conqueror of the nine realms, freer of guest lists, dance commander and rightful heir to the throne welcomes you to this royal celebration of the Game Of Thrones final series! 

As we enter Westeros for the eighth and final time we expect all you lords and ladies to don your cloaks and daggers, drink heartily, and sing merrily to songs of ice and fire! 

Guarantee your entry with an advance ticket here: 

£££ DOOR TAX £££
Guestlist £3 (until 11pm)
Student £4 (until 11:30pm)
Before midnight £5
Regular £6

Stoli & Mixer Double - £4.50
Fosters Bottle £3


Hooch Cans - £3.50

Red Stripe - £4.50